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What it means to be fully alive in Christ!

by Angela Mahon
  I’ve been asked so many times- Angela how do you manage it all, where do you get your energy?  I’m a mother of five small kiddos – my husb...

I never wanted to follow God!

by Angela Mahon
I never wanted to follow God, I mean, seriously, who really wants all that challenge in their life not to mention the entire anti God era we live in. All you have to do is read a few passages in the Bible to realise that following the path of God means taking responsibility, and changing one's life. Oh the pain of it 

Towards the Light OUT NOW

by Angela Mahon
Towards the Light” tells the personal and autobiographical story of Angela’s conversion journey. Living a miserable hell is how she describes the darkness that once consumed her every thought. Completely Lost and depressed, with no sense of identity or self worth things got worse when she fell into hard times with an injury to her back that left her ill for two years and in terrible anguish and distress. 


by Angela Mahon
At the moment I am gearing up to release my second big music project, following on from my 10-track album “Divine Friendship” released online in 2...

New Music! New Love

by Angela Mahon
Greetings from Ireland. I am Angela Mahon, a Contemporary Christian Artist - with a Catholic Twist! First of all, I am delighted you are here and a...