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This beautiful ballad is full of exquisite strings and a simple piano to back Angela's beautiful voice. Vocally she has a strong, rich tone, delivering the lyrics in a clear, effortless manner. Whilst described as folksy and classical - those labels are far too restrictive for this song, which has a much wider appeal than the genre might suggest.

Louder than the Music

There is a personal story behind this song, a journey and a hard-fought battle out of depression. Angela realised that there are many things that hold us back from fulfilling our potential... It’s never explicitly spelled out that the small voice of truth is God speaking to us, but she tells us “You are more than / The sum of the stars in the sky / More than the flowers that appear overnight” which directly counters the world telling us we are worthless.

Rob Allright -astepfwd

The "I AM" Collection

I AM Collection